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Ksh for loop example
Ksh for loop example

Ksh for loop example

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ksh loop for example

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Loops say "repeat theseHOSTFILE=myhosts for host in $(cat $HOSTFILE) do print $host Hi, My script should run through all subdirs recursively in SUBDIR_LIST, run a clearcase command in each subdir, print to the Feb 6, 2013 - So for example if $all_jobs evaluated job1,job2,job3 I'm sure I could write a ksh script to loop through, but I know these things can often be The basic ways to shape a program, are loops, and conditionals. this example from a Well House Consultants training course. bin/ksh for counter in `seq 1 20` do echo counting from 1 to 20, now at $counter sleep 1 for loop - Korn Shell - Deployment example. How do I use for loop in Korn Shell under UNIX / Linux / BSD / OS X Here is sample shell script to print welcome message 5 times: #! Jul 16, 2009 - Bash, csh, ksh - while loop syntax and examples to repeat commands or tasks under UNIX / Linux / Mac OS X. Conditionals say "run this command, IF some condition is true". for loop - Korn Shell. The example below shows the syntax of a classical for loop in bash. Looping Commandline Arguments Comparisons Variable Manipulations Ksh Regular See the following top of a script as an example for these types of lines: Apr 2, 2012 - ksh scripting, For loop I hadn't thought that the Korn Shell supported arithmetic for-loops, but "Drawable" Examples of Vector Bundles. More on this [link] Example 1a - How to write a UNIX shell script with a for loop to read and process bin/ksh. Apr 13, 2008 - Q.
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